Life of Roi Levi

Timeline as interior design

About roi

Roi Levi is a graduate of  planning and interior design studies at the Israeli Design College.
Creative, talented, precise and with an outstanding design sense.

The firm specializesin inerior design and planning private homes, luxury and premium apartments, contractor apartments, businesses, offices and commercial spaces.
I believe that in order to create the perfect space for the customer, it is important to first have a personal conversation. I take all the information necessary for me to understand the customer’s personal needs and requirements
Implement, translates and brings them expression in the design of practical and creative design that will match exactly and meet all the customer’s specific and  needs.

So that each project has a unique design line that expresses the client’s character and preferences.
Emphasis and uncompromising attention to clean elegant design and eclectic design!
Ensuring uniformity, precision and language between all elements and design details in space will bring perfect design harmony.

I love my work very much and the center of my life revolves around the world of design!
Keeps abreast of new trends in the styles of materials and elements in Israel and around the world.

And promises the customer professionalism, creativity, a sea of patience, industrial quiet and a wonderful creation!

2009 - 2017


I did not skip my love for the profession, and I took upon myself a few prokits that are presented to you on the site even when I was a young student and a great love for the world of design and architecture.


● Interrior Design
● Specialization Kitchen
● First year Business Administration


Smart Home Technology
Exploitation of spaces and small structures
Wood & Iron Design